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LEDroneClub PicklePod2 for LEDroneClub Pickle Toothpick Frame Insta360 GO 3D Printed TPU parts

The PicklePod2 is made for Toothpick style micro quadcopters and comes in different variants.


You can use this on frames such PicklePick, Kabab's TP3, RacerX TWIG and many other whoop based setups.


The canopy is compatible with most of (all) nano 14x14mm cameras with screw mounts, eg : Caddx EOS2, Runcam Nano 2, Runcam Nano Racer, Foxeer Predator nano, probably Nano HD cams as well, etc.


To use it simply stick it on the top of the screws holding the 26 mm x 26 mm FC board(s). No nuts needed, it's a press fit design and yes it even fits the Diatone GTB/Cube micros.


Includes: LEDroneClub