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KevPV Hyperlite Floss 3 Command Center GoPro+VTX+RX+GPS+LED+Antenna Mount


This is the Floss 3.0 Command Center. The perfect accessory for your long range Floss 3.0 where signal reception is a high priority. It includes a GoPro Hero 5/6/7 mount  that is fully adjustable between 10 - 40 degrees. There are markers in 5 degree increments so you can accurately and consistently adjust the angle for your needs. Props are NOT IN VIEW when shooting in the WIDE setting(as I do). If you use Superview, I believe you need to be at 15 degrees or more to keep the props out of view. It also includes a spot for your VTX, RX, GPS, SMA antenna, along with both horizontal and vertical Immortal-T options. You can fit both a horizontal and vertical Immortal-T antennas for diversity. The vertical antennas are positioned to allow good front/back visibility without being blocked by the GoPro. The back spine is also a great spot for an LED strip like the 8-LED WS2812 programmable RGB strips.


For best fit and function, the components I used and designed this for are the TBS Unify Pro V3 video transmitter, TBS Crossfire NanoRX receiver, and the HGLRC GPS. Other components may work but those are the components I have tested and they work very well.


Designer approved us to print it!!


It is designed by KevPV  You could download his designs at

KevPV Hyperlite Floss 3 Command Center GoPro+VTX+RX+GPS+LED+Antenna Mount

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