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This canopy and base are designed for fitting a Caddx Vista to a toothpick style frame and stack mounting pattern.The base raises the FC up enough to fit a receiver under it, and the canopy sits on top of the FC and the stack bolts screw into the vista. Please note you need 4 x M1.6 20mm bolts to make this setup work, the Vista whoop/toothpick mounts are threaded M1.6 holes NOT M2 as you might expect. Due to this the entire stack has to be secured using bolts that are just 1.5mm thick and this makes it quite weak. It survives a few crashes but it is not durable enough for me to race with so I think this would ideally be used for cinematic shots, a CINEVISTAPICK, lol.


NOTE: Frame, camera is not included. (reference only)


Canopy is designed by BludzFPV


You could download his designs at

BludzFPV Vistapick Canopy - Caddx Vista Toothpick Mount

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